Facial piercings are a striking form of Body Jewelry art. If you're going to commit to one, you also need to be ready to embrace the process—not just working up the nerve to get pierced, but also being disciplined in the aftercare. The medusa piercing is particularly delicate. Here's what you need to know. What Is a Medusa Piercing body piercing jewelry prince albert? You know where your cupid's bow is? It's that dainty curve at the center of the top edge of your lip (a sweet spot for highlighter). Right above that is the indented part of your upper lip, called the philtrum; this is where a medusa piercing goes. The jewelry is typically a 16- or 14-gauge surgical steel flatback barbell. What to Expect When You Get Pierced First of all, be extremely vigilant about seeking out a reputable piercing shop and an experienced professional piercer. Your face, mouth, teeth, and gums depend on it. nipple retainers for hospital Ask friends for recommendations if possible. Read reviews. Do the work.
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